Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chuckmeister Weiss..........

After honing his muskie fishing skills in the backwaters of Southern Ontario, artist Charles Weiss pays VBL a visit in his never ending quest for the elusive "lunge. Pictured above, Chuck unveils his new lure design...the "Fat Bastard" series. From left to right...the "Lil Fat Bastard", the "Jointed Lil Fat Bastard" and finally the ultimate "Big Fat Bastard". In the background, the original "Chubby Bastard".
Proving that "Love is......a small muskie" Diane poses for the camera after catching her very first muskellunge. Chuck, while trying to hide the bitterness, proudly holds the fiesty catch for his lovely bride.


  1. Love the eye glasses those are classic...
    Nice looking plugs but now do they catch?

  2. Perchmaster,

    It's only a rumor, but the camp was buzzing about Gord finally catching a decent musky the week we were there. I haven't seen a picture, and I haven't heard if he was fishing the Fat Bastard.


  3. Gord caught a BIG musky?????
    Hope we get to see some pics of the slob...
    Musky that is sorry Gord..

  4. Those crazy eyes are the result of a bad case of muskie fever. The names of the lures are written on the back of each plug. GORD IS STILL HOPING TO CATCH THE VERY RARE LITERARY MUSKIE?
    Chuck in Toronto