Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Professors Gone Wild

It was another great week of August fishing at VBL. The weather wasn't very cooperative with lots of rain and wind, but there were pike, walleye, trout and whitefish to be had by all.

This nice 40" pike powered its way out of the cabbage to hit a small shallow running shad rap. Professor Joe was able to coax a number of fine pike out of the same bay (Notice the absence of the right hand).

We didn't have a lot of slot walleyes untill the final day and a half of our trip. Big John was the king of the slot walleyes on the last day when Shawn, Bill, and Big John caught close to 40 slot walleyes. BigJohn and Andy both ended the week with a 26" walleye. We'll post a few more pictures later this week, but there were days the rain was coming down so hard, we didn't take pictures. The professor and his bionic red hand caught a very nice walleye on McGregor Lake. And Shawn was king of the trout holes while Bill was busy with the net.

Bill? When he wasn't busy with the net he was busy catching bait. If he wants to dispell that notion he'll have to bring in his camera and we'll post again with some of their catch from the last day.


  1. I knew one day I'd get a chance to catch Prof. Joe "Red Handed" with a walleye! Great photos!

  2. Is Big John related to Big Dick? We want to see more pictures of all those slot walleyes! I seem to remember a previous post about the professors and their performance at the Walleye Madness tournament?

  3. Well about time you guy's get some reports posted, I thought VBL burned to the ground and nobody called me to let me know.
    Good to read you guy's caught some fish in the DEAD SEA.....
    I hope you Professors got some updated pictures on the addition going up?
    Like the picture of the baby walleye must have caught that dandy from his minnow tank? HAHAHA!!!
    Good to see some pics with that report cause with all the BS you guy's throw around I would have doubted that you even made it on the water with that forecast....