Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Legend of Big John

Sung to the tune of "Big John"....

Yes, Big John has big feet. Yes, he has big hands. And yes, those big hands can make large 26" walleyes look small.

Big John was new to bottom bouncing, but he picked up the technique well and caught a boat load of slot walleyes on the last day we were up at VBL.
Next year we will teach him how to hold a fish for a photo.


  1. Poor John! You guys should at least chip in and buy him his own rubber glove!

    Nice fish John-Boy. It's good that Professor Bill was guiding you and showing you his secret knowledge.

  2. Congrats slaying those walleyes....
    Sounds like you had a GREAT VBL trip.

  3. I think I saw that hansom devil at a recent Brewers game?