Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sarah's Walleye.......

Last week Sarah Walker caught her first walleye (a beautiful 22 incher) and asked if I would be putting it up on the chalk board in the fish house. My reply was that it had to be over the slot to qualify for that honor, but if she sent me a picture of her release I would post it on the blog. Well, there it is, a very nice looking fish that put up a good fight for her. Her sister Mary, bottom picture, had luck with some nice eater pike. Their dad, muskie guide Brad Walker and rod maker (Teal River Rods) had a run-in with two mid forty inch muskies..............Brad promises to work on his hook set for next year!


  1. Hey! Sarah! Great catching! I always get excited when kids enjoy fishing.
    I hope they continue to fish and visit Eagle Lake in the years ahead.
    Chcuk in Toronto

  2. Hey Sarah CONGRATS on your first Eagle Lake walleye!!!
    It is alway's GREAT to see young kids such as you and your sister getting into fishing.
    Even better to see the young girls getting into the sport.
    I'm sure if Mr. Gord did not make mention of you on his chalk board I would be looking for his newsletter this winter and you will be mentioned in it.
    Again CONGRATS to you and your sister Mary.

  3. Congrats on your first walleye. However walleyes are like potato chips you can't just catch one. Your dad is very proud of you and rightfully so.