Thursday, July 23, 2009

Addition, Part Two..........

Here's what was done yesterday. Now it's starting to look like something!


  1. Hey Gord Starting to look like something now.
    Hey I'm not sure but was that a smile Mike was cracking?
    Or was it just a smerk Mike?
    Keep us updated as it goes along.

  2. This is just beautiful. I can't wait to see what it looks like in September. Keep the pictures coming.Bill

  3. Gord, what does the inscription in the fourth photo say? Will it be visible form the interior or hidden for future generations to find? If this was your version of "name that caption", I'm going with, "White socks, Red pine & Blue Ribbon beer"


  4. Andy..............I like your version! The inscription will be visible, as will all the timbers, floor joists, purlins, etc. Anyone else have a alternate inscription? I am putting a VBL mug up for grabs for whoever comes up with the most "interesting" alternate inscription. I will with-hold the actual inscription till a future date.

  5. Where is Mike's e-mail address when I need it?
    Can't even cheat when I want!!!
    Even tried looking the saying up on Google and they could not even give me a good idea!!
    This might take some work but will work on it.
    Mike HELLLLPPPP!!!!!!

  6. Hi Gord...Red Pine and Fateful Wind is clever and appropriate. Here's an alternative inscription for you--Red pine at night: Bastable's delight. Red pine in the morning: Gord issues fair warning.

  7. I think we are due for another update here Gord?
    Susanne should be hanging curtains by now?
    Bet those Geranium flower pots look real nice outside that new addition?