Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Addition update, Part One.........

Here's a few shots of the work in progress. The pieces were delivered and then put together on the addition floor. A total of four "bents" are now complete and stacked up on the floor. Today is the day that the pieces go up..........I will update later.


  1. Hi Gord...I hope that all goes well framing the addition today. I'm looking forward to following the construction process through your photos.

  2. Hey! Gord of the Lodge;
    Thanks for the up-date.Progress looks good. I look forward to inspecting when I visit next month!
    Chuck in Toronto

  3. Looks like things are starting to shape Gord.
    Look forward to watching the posts for updates.
    Can't wait to see the finished deal in May 2010.
    Get ready for the 2010 price increase guy's!!

  4. Gord,

    So many of my favorite places have dissapeared. Natural areas converted to parking lots. Northwoods ma&pa resort cabins converted to second homes. Locally owned restaurants converted to chains. It's nice to see your investment in the lodge and we look forward to seeing the results in August!


  5. Lookin' good, Gord!

    Looking forward to more updates....have fun!

  6. Can't wat to see my new room.

    Thanks Gord.

  7. Boy just hope that in these updated reports we don't see the you know what.
    I did not say it Susanne!!!

  8. Did Perchmaster say "sauna"?