Monday, July 6, 2009

The photo artwork of Henry Morawski........

These fine fish in the reclining position are some of Henry's recent catch while muskie fishing here at VBL. Included are a 36 " muskie, a 39 " northern, and several of the walleye he caught up to 27 inches while casting. I believe his total was 25 walleye in, or above, the slot while casting.
.......and yes, before anyone pipes up, this is not the recommended catch & release method we would ideally like to see at the lodge. In Henry's defence he does fish alone, and is very effecient in releasing all his fish in good condition. The carpet is pretty soft too.........


  1. Nice job Henry.
    Looks like you are doing well fishing by yourself.
    Great pics!!!

  2. Gord,

    Not going to ask how you know the carpet is soft!

    Nice photos of the fish Henry! I will definitely be making it up to VBL a little later in the year next time. How are the bugs this time of year?

    Enjoyed the pics!



  3. The photographs are alright.
    I'd like to see more extreme camera angles.
    A couple of the walleye appear to be silently yelling they need to breath?
    Henry should consider a camera tripod that shoots over the edge of the boat into the water.
    He could have a measuring tape placed on the gunnel of the boat.

  4. could he not have taken a picture of the fish in the water, or better yet just release them and when he comes in he can tell everyone what he caught or maybe nobody would believe him.

  5. Gord is great at preaching the virtues of catch and release....except when Steve and Margie come to VBL. He tells them to catch burlap bags full of fish. Go figure?


  6. All virtue goes out the window when Marge is in camp. Same week in 2010....better sign up now!