Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Wiley Whitefish....

In our continuing effort to showcase all the species we fish for here at VBL I present the whitefish. There is a good "how to" whitefish section on the VBL website that gives a background on how to catch this overlooked species. With a generous limit of 25 on a regular licence, they are well worth the effort.......very tasty as well.
Whitefish are a deep water fish that can be caught on Eagle and Clearwater Lake. I must say that most of our whitefish efforts take place on Clearwater Lake.........catching most of them as we jig for lakers.

Which bodes the question......"Why don't we do more of this on Eagle?" Good question. Perhaps we should take up the challenge in 2011 and do a few "whitefish missions" on Eagle. Two areas that come to mind would be the Trout Holes, and Portage Bay. Both would have the added bonus of lake trout as well.

Whitefish are great fighters on light tackle.

We've been most successful with this species in the Fall when they seem to school up as they prepare to spawn (usually late September, early October). I'm sure though that there are other techniques, such as trolling, that might work well at other times of year. Let's mull this over this winter and try something new this coming season!


  1. Guess you beat me to the whitefish pics. I was going to add some to this.
    We get most all of our whitefish while trolling Hot n Tots and have also caught them while back trolling for walleyes with spinner rigs. And yes they are great fighters on light tackle.

  2. Gord,

    I think I found a good spot for jigging for both whitefish and trout in the last trout hole last year. Boats were in close almost like that day over on Clearwater last year! However, we have to find something closer to home.


  3. Hi Gord...The missus and I intend to undertake lake trout/whitefish missions into Clearwater and the Trout Holes this August. I'm going to try trolling very small spoons, spinners and Rapalas way down deep.

  4. Kill whitey save the trophies. They make for great table fare.