Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BULLSEYE!!! Come to VBL for perchfest 2011

This is for you Bastable!!!!
There will be none of this sitting around CRAP in 2011

Yup Gord taking a sip of beer before the nightmare begins

Which one of these dinks did you catch Kurt?

Man this is going to take some time.

Come join in the fun for "PERCH FEST" 2011


  1. Oh that's what I'm talking about! Perch fishing is an excellent spectator sport at VBL. Go jerk perch all day long and then, sit back, relax, and watch the master at work. The Perchmaster now has me wondering if I should schedule an early visit this year or the August trip. Life is so complicated.


  2. Wow, there goes the family rating for this blog! Well, at least I don't have to do a perch post...thanks Kurt!

    Andy, I think you deserve several trips to VBL this year. I'm thinking of taking a holiday in May........

  3. Andy...Gord makes a good point about you deserving several trips to VBL this year. You tried this last year and it resulted in you becoming a better man, did it not? It might be wise to work around Gord's May holiday, however.

  4. I think Andy and Joe should make the May trip so we can do a perch day contest!!!
    Yea I was thinking Gord when I put that first picture up but figured it was only the best way to get even with you.
    Think I will throw a couple of pics up for those whitefish fans!!!

  5. Sorry about the obscene post from Kurt. It was done sans my permission.Although I have been known to use some profane/obscene jestures in my time, I still prefer to do so in person. 68lbs huh? Ive seen your catches & that sounds like the muskie poundage for a year. I prefer the standard MagnaThin.

  6. Wow his first post and he SLAMS the Gord master

  7. Mark.......all I can say is that is a very disturbing picture of you. You can thank Curt for now having it posted forever on the nether-regions of cyber space. I know that when you are finally arrested they will use that photo on CNN.

    By the way I will send you an invite to be a contributor to the blog but you need to send me your email. Glad to see you know how to use a keyboard better than a fishing rod!

  8. Funny man! My e-mail is

  9. You have known me for how many years now and you can't spell my last name without putting a "C" in it and now you spell my first name wrong.
    That alone should be worth an additional 15% off my trip this year.