Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cryogenic deer........

Last weekend Susanne and I went for a ride on Eagle Lake and came across the site of some recent wolf activity in the form of some deer hide, a couple of hoofs, plenty of wolf tracks, wolf pee, and this object protruding from the snow.
On closer investigation it would seem that the head had partially frozen into the slush that was present on the lake in December. Time to bring out the axe!

This must be a new form of archaeology.....chipping away the layers of time, in this case ice.

Further along and I think I've gone as far as I need to go. Now for a little precise surgical separation using my axe.........

A nice looking 8 point rack. What a bummer to survive various winters, numerous hunting seasons and then succumb to who knows what just shortly after the hunt of 2010....but that is nature I suppose. By the way, this deer was located close to shore in Favell Bay.


  1. What a neat find! I expect that rack to adorn the fish house or lodge when I arrive in June. Well done professor Gord!

  2. Gord,

    Glad to see that you have warmed to the deer heads and axe theme.



  3. Gord,

    I do hope your winter harvest was not related to your fall sighting of the buck in the water. You could combine the pictures and tell the tale of how quickly the weather changes in Canada.