Friday, January 14, 2011

January at the lodge.....

Welcome to the lodge in the winter......

Mike's garden shed project looking good, but it must be pretty chilly in there without a door!

Dog pack down by the cabins.

No fish fry today.......but coming soon enough.........

......if we ever get out on the machines.......

We had a visitor on the road into the camp. By the size it was definitely a timber wolf.

The wolf had a nice stroll from the camp to the railroad crossing......into town for a nice beagle or poodle perhaps?

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  1. Hi Gord...What a beautiful sunny day to be out shooting a few pics of VBL-land in the middle of winter. I really appreciated you taking a measurement of the wolf paw. Incredible size!
    It helps me better understand how a pack of wolves moves through the snow in pursit of a deer.

    Have you strapped-on the snow shoes yet?