Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Things you may not have seen before.........

Fish soup made by the "Russians" out of heads and fins. It looked weird but it was actually pretty good!
This pineapple-looking floating object is either a limb from a giant amphibian, or the root system of what is commonly referred to as a lily pad. Don't show this to the Russians, it's probably edible.

You won't see this too often......a swimming eagle. Perhaps having a brisk "dip" on a hot day, or just a case of not stopping before hitting the water. Either way, he / she looked a little "p-o'ed".

Nothing like the humiliation of having to dry out on a rock when you screw up! (photography by Mike B.)


  1. Nice pics of the Eagle. Not often you get those kind of shots that close

  2. Gord,

    Is that an eagle's beak that I see in the fish stew?

    If the number of Eastern European guests continues to increase, those gulls are going to go hungry. Personally, I think the diversity of your guests adds a nice dimension to discussions in the lodge and fish house.


  3. GREAT photography Mike. Especially the eagle pictures. They remind me a lot of when my cousin, John, fell out of the boat while attempting to land a Muskie. Just like the eagle, John was also humiliated and p-o'ed when he was drying off. True story. Right Gord?

  4. UM Andy I'm thinking you might see some of those gulls in the stew sometime