Thursday, August 5, 2010

The McLewie WBLT Sandwich

How does that grab you? This sandwich has become a tradition for the professor and I during our trips to VBL. You have all had the lousy McFish Sandwich. You have all had the traditional BLT. Try this one:

Toasted Rye bread from the Coop

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato

Walleye Fillet fried in panco bread cromes (very crunchy). Flour, egg, panco breadcrumbs

Tarter sauce and fried onions

Cold Beer followed by a nap



  1. why would anybody eat a eagle lake walleye with tarter sauce

  2. tasty! hopefully no bones in the fillet?

  3. Thanks for making my mouth water.


  4. Very nice presentation. I will be hanging out on your porch when the next batch is ready!

  5. Hi Folks...I can always tell when my buddy Andy is getting ready for a VBL trip. He gets excited and begins overlooking small, but important details. Permit me to fill in a few blanks.

    In about a week, Andy and friends will begin pounding the hell out of deep water walleyes that are hanging out in the Vermilion Bay area, literally minutes from camp. We have been on this incedible bite for several years now. I can say, without hesitation, that it is the best walleye fishing I have ever enjoyed in close to 50 years of chasing them. I expect that Andy & Co. will catch hundreds. This includes everything from pids to fish in the upper 20 inch class. (The only thing missing from this trip will be me. But I'll get in on this bite when I return in September.)

    Andy also overlooked a few noteworthy details concerning those extra pretty fish sammys. This is no ordinary fish sammy. It's the best ever and making it takes a little extra time, but the results are worth it. Paying attention to the details makes it so. Walleye or northern work equally well, but get all the bones out.

    Start with flour seasoned with herbs and spices (or use Shore Lunch). Dredge the fish in the flour.

    Beat an egg, thinned with a little water or white wine. Dip the fish in the egg wash.

    Drop the fish into a paper bag with Panko bread crumbs and shake to coat well. Then right into hot fry oil. Just a few minutes on each side and they will be ready. The fish will be very lightly coated, but very crunchy and not oily.

    Tatar sauce is optional, as fresh lemon will do nicely. But a good tatar finishes this sammy in a way that causes Andy's eyeballs to roll to the back of his head upon first bite. It's easy to make...

    Half a cup each of mayo and plain yogurt. Mix together with a little lemon juice, sweet pickle relish and curry powder until it tastes right to you. Slather this onto the toasted rye.

    By the time Andy and I are done building this fish sammy it's about the size of a hubcap, so a word of caution is in order. Sandwiches like this have a tendency to enlarge one's ass. Andy and I are very careful to hit the portage trail into Clearwater Lake within 24 hours of consuming one to manage the risk of "unwanted spread".

  6. Okay now I really want to get to VBL and I'm hungry, great looking sandwich.

  7. OK Professor there was a little to much detail in the end of your post.
    Me guess I'm just a plain old guy why ruin an Eagle Lake wally or Northern with all that garbage on it, but then that is me I don't like half the crap you put on it. Just give me the fish and that good ol Canadian rye with butter and I will be fine.

  8. Hi Kurt...To each their own. There's no point in putting anything on a fish sandwich that would ruin it. I can understand that you prefer a far more simple presentation, but I have questions. Do you go with cooked fish or a plain raw fillet? Also, what about the rumor that you put black pepper on the fish?

  9. Hmmmm......the "Dumpster" sandwich perhaps? Or what about the "Fried Fish & Kitchen Sink Combo". Actually, speaking from experience I found that the McLewie was very good, especially when all I had to do was sit on my arse.

    Kurts fish are's his fried potatoes that are raw!

  10. Wow now you guy's start bashing the crap out of me for no reason.
    Yes it's cooked Professor just don't need all that stuff on my sammy.

    Thanks Gord my tators are cooked what you talkin bout.
    See you in May Andy and Joe and you will have to give me a sample of that sammy minus a couple of things but Mark would take all the crap on it

  11. Perchmaster...Andy and I would be pleased to make you a McLewie the next time our paths cross at VBL. And, just like at Burger King, you can have it your way. Just tell us to hold the lettuce, onion, tomato, bacon and tarter sauce.

  12. Will take you up on that Professor so hope to see ya in May 2011