Thursday, August 5, 2010

Esox Masquinongy

I think we have been looking at Gord's ars a bit too long. My apologies. Now on to something more interesting.

It's a well known fact.....thousands of musky go to bed hungry every day in Eagle lake. It's up to you to do something about it. I have a lot of respect for the musky anglers that spend hundreds of hours casting hefty lures over the cabbage and into the shadows. If you are good at it, the odds are good that you will have success. On the other hand, I also get some perverse pleasure out of accidentally catching a few of these monsters using light tackle for walleye. It happens almost every trip to VBL.

This fine fellow snacked on a small tail dancer on 8 pound test mono

Here is a little known fact: Musky's love crawler harnesses trolled behind a bottom bouncer almost as much as the walleye do. Just ask this guy:

Now, you will have to ask the professor why he is holding my fish, but to make a long story short we were trying to avoid using a net and wanted a quick release.

A week from Friday I will be making a return trip with my son Shawn, and friends Bill and Brian. It will be a multi-species week but I may spend one day targeting these fish. Maybe Gord can re-enact his sad sad tale from last year while showing me the scene of the crime?



  1. Andy , good topic.
    This is a reminder of great moments in meeting-up with a muskie while unintentionally trying to meet - up with a muskie.
    I remember the "Rapala Tail Dancer" muskie.
    I've got a couple in my tackle box now,
    while muskie fishing

  2. Very nice color on that muskie. Is that Richard Gere holding the fish?

    The "arse post"........thanks for moving on~

  3. Nice muskie, as a new contributor but long time fisherman its good to be reminded that the muskie can be caught on normal size lures. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I'm holding Andy's fish because I had the glove, but it was anything but a quick release. That fish's head was triple wrapped with the long leader from Andy's crawler harness. Gettig it unwrapped so that I could remove the hook proved to be a first-class bitch. Some might say that my fish-handling skills need work. I would have to agree. It was a miricle that we boated that fish.
    A crawler harness is Andy's go-to lure for musky.