Monday, September 21, 2009

Muskie Madness Week.....Part One.....

Phil Moy watches confidently as challenger Gord Bastable strikes a pose during the Wednesday night Muskie Madness Week shuffleboard tournament held at the Bayview Hotel ("Official Watering Hole of the VBL Muskie Madness Week")
The tension mounts as "Honourary Dick", Dan Kornelyk, takes to the shuffleboard table.

2008 Champ, Big Dick Keller, kicks back with Joan Kornelyk while sipping on a cold "O.V."

Dan poses for the camera while hiding behind a bottle of Labatts 50.

John Garrett and Gord after the final playoff game which was fast and furious. A close game but Gord's experience outperforms John's "aiming juice". Now let's get back to chasing muskie!


  1. OK now these guy's that you played against either are not very good Gord or you got much better since we were there in May.
    How do you catch a 50" musky during madness week while sitting in the local watering hole?

  2. I think a shuffleboard would be a nice addition to the VBL Lodge?

  3. OK Andy you set me up on this one and I have many months for someone to forget about this post but here goes.
    Yea that shuffleboard would be sitting right next to the sauna room.