Monday, March 23, 2009

Rainbow Trout Run Is On!

Hi All...I did a little jigging in the sewer in front of my house yesterday afternoon and got this fat 21 inch rainbow on a Little Cleo Spoon. I estimated the fish hit about 15 feet down the hole. It fought very hard and I released it. These fish are said to migrate from Milwaukee to Edgerton via a system of rivers, streams, creeks and finally sewer tunnels. True, it is a little unorthodox, but when the run is on the fishing can be pretty good.

I needed a good introduction to get your attention concerning a more serious matter. The number of bloggers on the Electric Beaver is rather small and not growing much. A larger group of participants is going to be necessary to create the kind of forum that draws more attention to VBL and Eagle Lake. I would find it useful to discuss fishing with other VBL guests and Eagle Lake anglers. We could help each other out here. So, I have a question for you--what ideas do you have that might be used to build this blog? Please post them for discussion and Gord's consideration.



  1. I see in my absence that Andy & the Professor have been active. Burnt buns and sewer trout....sounds like a Gordon Lightfoot ballad!

    I had planned on putting up a new post but the professor has a good question. Maybe it will generate some discussion.

    You'll just have to wait for the pics of me in my speedo.....

  2. You'll just have to wait for the pics of me in my speedo.....
    This is a family site Gord so please don't do it, it might burn our eyes.
    Maybe if posting was a little easier not that it is hard to do but it does take more time that a web site such as proboards that many use. I think Gord needs to get the word out to his guest that come on a regular basis and get them on here. Also keep topics coming on a regular basis to keep the interest up.
    Contest like for example ice this spring for a mug or even a T-shirt would be fun?
    It will take time as I know from being a admin on other sites that they do not grow overnight, it does take time.

  3. Think I need to start proof reading before I click send.
    That ice contest would be ice out date for Eagle Lake.
    Maybe adding a picture gallery would be something to think about?

  4. Hi Perchmaster...Thanks for your ideas. You raise a good point about making posting easier. First time bloggers (like myself) are likely to wonder how to do this. I figured it out through trail and error. A potential poster who expects this to be just like responding to email could easily give up. Do you have some specific ideas on how to reach out to existing VBL guests and make it easy for them to participate?

  5. Well first idea would be for Gord to e-mail all the members he has e-mail address for. Other means would be snail mail them and get them on board. It is not that posting is hard on here but it takes more time, I also notice that when you post and have to type in the letters to send your message it takes 3 times most of the time.
    That is also why I mention a posting board such as pro boards cause it will make things easier for people to register then when they want to post a response you click on reply and type away and your done.I know Gord mention the site in his Beaver newsletter but that can sometimes go unnoticed by many unless you bring it to there attention in other ways.
    Me I am not a big blogger this is the only place I have one and I post on other web sites that are much easier.
    I am sure after time Gord will come up with an idea that will work much easier on both himself and his members.
    OK enough babbling I am starting to get like Susanne. O I did not say that!!!!!

  6. Professor,

    Did the neighbors think you were stealing man hole covers for scrap or did they just assume you were hitting the bottle again?

  7. Here's one suggestion. As guests come up this year, have a computer in the lodge that you can use to demonstrate how to enter a post. Have guests post their pictures along with a few comments. I've got to tell you, I'm going to miss that early perch fishing and I want to see a post by the perchmaster. When you register guests you need to start collecting e-mail addresses. You could then send an e-mail on occassion with a link to a particularly interesting post...something more interesting then sewer trout.

    Let's start sharing some tips. Here's one. Let's call it the Lewy rig. Here in Wisconsin, we are all accustomed to fishing with 2 or 3 lines. In Canada you can't do that. But you can put multiple hooks on one line. If you are jigging for white fish or trout, try using a lead jig or cleo on the bottom and a floating jig about 18" - 24" up the line. Cabela's makes a great jig that is used for "drop shotting" that keeps the jig at the perfect 90 degree angle. You could do the same when jigging for walleye by using a lead head on the bottom and a floater further up the line.

  8. Perchmaster/Andy...Thanks for noting your suggestions. I have one to offer as well. How about direct phone solicitation (from Gord) to past guests. This would be five to 10 minutes of hi, how are you, would you like to come to VBL this year and take advantage of our special promotion--which will be sent to you by email; could I get your address, thanks and goodbye. Sixty to 90 minutes an evening will generate lots of contact over time.

    As for my neighbors, Andy, most are well aware that I'm a little different, so sewer fishing did not come as a big surprise. However, one did call the cops. When I explained to the officer what I was doing he went back to his squad and grabbed a Popeil Pocket Fisherman from the glove compartment and shoehorned into my spot. Finally I just gave up and let him have the sewer. Talk about rude...

  9. Here are a few of my thoughts on improving the blog. Invite more people to be "contributors"...I just sent an invite to Perchmaster. This speeds up the process of posting a comment. I also thought I could use the margin section for "current pictures of the week" during the is also possible to run a slide show as well. Perhaps the posts could be less frequent and be more geared to inviting comments, such as a Walleye Technique post that would be left at the top longer. Finally, my web person has re-registered the blog with all the search engines which may increase traffic. I will have to work on my guests to visit the site....perhaps add a comment after their week at the lodge.

  10. Hello FROM TORONTO;
    Spring is here! I didn't know there was rainbow trout in Eagle Lake?
    Chuck in Toronto

  11. Good tip Andy, have not done it much the past few years but here is one that is easy and over looked by many.
    When fishing for walleye in the spring when they come into the shallows and are schooling up for the evening bit try making tight circles when bouncing your jig and minnow on the bottom.
    I know Gord has seen me do this and probably think what the HELL is he doing but have found in some areas of Eagle lake specially points working these areas and keeping a tight circle on the small groups of walleyes cann help you produce a few more fish.