Friday, March 6, 2009

Fish Photography, Part Two.....

Here are some "interesting" photos that deserve special recognition.........

  • The "dominatrix" pose......

  • The "wrestling pose"....the strength of some fish can be overwhelming.......

  • The "paralysis".....leave your choke hold at home where it belongs.........

  • The "combo"......choke hold plus demonic possession!

  • The "sympathy pose".....always include an artificial limb, if you have one, in the pic....


  1. Hey,

    That blue jacket and pants look familiar. Isn't that the guy with the walleye weenie in the photography 101 post?

  2. Gord....what ever happened to Earl the butcher? I remember a couple great nights eating his fine sausages around the camp fire. And that first picture reminded me of a story involving the professor. He was using one of those jaw spreaders on a pike, and upon a hasty release, forgot to remove the jaw spreader. That fish undoubtedly died with big eyes from watching meals it couldn't eat.

    Very funny pictures.


  3. Andy.......Earl has been in contact and may be up this summer.

    For the best sausage and brauts give Earl a call... Village Meats, Denmark, Wi 920-863-2196.
    Home of the "Boner"!

  4. Hey ! These fish photos are GREAT!
    Chuck in Toronto

  5. For the best sausage and brauts
    Brauts would be spelled Brats.
    Think we need Susanne to do our spell checking for us.
    Really enjoying the pics and some of the comments could be taken 2 ways!!!

  6. Up here in Canuckastan we spell colour & flavour with a "u" (proper English, by the way), maybe I'm doing the same with braut? A mistake, or be the judge.


  7. Me judge you?
    I would never do that now you know that Gord.
    A mistake, or be the judge
    My vote goes to coincidence.

  8. I think you might have hurt the professor's feelings. He takes great pride in how natural his rubber hand looks. As you know, he gets some perverse pleasure from shaking the hand of a stranger only to see their horrified expression upon removing his limb. He's a sick man but very entertaining in the boat.

  9. Gord,

    I have looked hard on the web site, but have been unable to locate any pictures of Toronto Chuck holding a fish. Does one exist?

  10. I know Chuck is on the website somewhere. Look for someone wearing purple snowpants. Perhaps we could run a contest similar to "Where's Waldo" ..insert "Chuck" instead of "Waldo".

    Andy, I agree, the professor might be put out with the whole rubber hand thing. Perhaps we could start a collection where he could upgrade "the hand" with something in a flesh-tone and sized to match his other limb.

  11. Hello:Eagle Lake Blog"the Electric Beaver"
    I'm concerned why you need a photo of Toronto
    Chuck,? It's like I'm surrounded by fishing Fashionistas?
    Also, it's "Chuck in Toronto"
    I catch my share of fish and gently "hug them" before releasing them.
    Sometimes a photo isn't needed?
    All the best,
    Chuck in Toronto