Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fish Photography 101

I thought I would use this forum to share a pet peeve of mine....anglers that don't know how to hold a fish for a good photo. Gord, I know this is troubling to you as well.

It's important to hold your fish firmly

But don't put a death grip on the fish, or cover up the fish with your hands

No props....fish are supposed to be slimy
Don't hold them like a beer can. Cradle them for all to enjoy.

And if they end up in your pants, wear a belt the next time and release them quickly.


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  2. Let me just say that regarding the disturbing last photo (fish-in-the-pants), there is no call for such a move. VBL is happy to provide our guests with an accurate fish measuring board that will eliminate the need to use your own "tool". Besides, using 2 inch increments is too slow to allow for a proper release. You should not keep a fish in your pants for longer than you can hold your own breath!

  3. This is down right strange. I should contribute a How to draw a fish 101!
    Chuck in Toronto

  4. I don't know how that walleye got into my pants, but I suspect Andy had something to with it. If you've never had a walleye in your pants before, I suggest you give this a try. The smooth slime combined with sharp fins produces unusual sensations.

  5. This is getting creepy....I may have to envoke my moderator privledges!