Friday, June 18, 2010

Mayfly walleyes..........

For the past few weeks we have been in the midst of the dreaded "Mayfly Hatch". Here's a nice smallmouth caught by Steve from Indiana that was slurping mayflys along with surface baits.

While the theory is that walleyes won't bite during a mayfly hatch, the fishing has been consistantly great. There is a shallow water bite going on (8-12') that is outstanding. Wade from Mpls. gave me some of the pictures from their fishing early in the week.

Here's a shot of a 24 inch walleye just before it jumped out of Danna Ferry's hands. This was caught trolling a Rapala in 10' of water.

Of course with all the walleye activity in the shallows, the northern (and muskie....several caught or sighted this week) are not far behind.

Another slot walleye. I am amazed at the numbers of 14 inch walleye we are catching.....must have been a heck of a hatch a few years back. Many of the bigger walleye are coming out of a little deeper water (up to 20') but not always.

The fishing has been great........ Make note of this time period for a future trip to Eagle Lake!

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  1. Nice fish all around. Sounds like you guy's had a great trip.
    Good to hear the fish are still snapping Gord reports like that are good for business..
    Keep the reports coming......
    Make the rest of us feel were still there