Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garlic ring man

Well after busting two really good rods and using all sorts of brand new lures, it figures that the fish in Eagle lake liked all my old lures instead, so I think I'll save my money and stop buying all the new CRAP. The fishing was incredible and well going even if the weather didn't co-operate.
I also learned that you don't sail Eagle Lake during tornado style winds, right Gord. Sorry about your hat.


  1. Hey Garlic man! How about slipping a few of your pictures in your post?

    I will refrain from taking out the sailboat until I can get Mike to give me a few lessons. I am still mourning the loss of that hat.......

  2. Gord,
    Please don't tell me you've lost THE hat. Maybe now you can finally get the "Tilley" that you have always wanted,

  3. No, not "the hat" but my camo ball cap from 2005.

  4. Well a hat from 05 was ready for the hat rack anyways Gord...

  5. I seem to be having some problem posting pictures. I will update the blog when I figure out what is going on. Stand by!

  6. Boy sad when the site admin has problems on his own site. HAHAHA!!!!
    Can't wait for the report and pics Gord hope you got some musky pics I know Mark M. can't wait for them.