Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Wallop.........

After a three day January thaw, we are finally heading back into winter with some colder temperatures and a pretty good dump of snow.
I much prefer the snow and cold weather to the rain and slush of the past few days. The plow truck seems to work well! Much warmer than using the tractor.

So far the new roof seems to be holding back the weather!

Even Lucy seems to be crusted in ice and snow! The forcast for the rest of the week is sun and cold temps......a Canadian Arctic blast, heading your way soon!!


  1. GREAT pics Gord...
    We all love the Canadian winter pics.
    We have had slopp the last couple of day's but the Canadian cold is coming tomorrow and will be here for the next week before we return to the 20's.
    Will be cold ice fishing on Saturday but is better than sitting on the couch.

  2. Hi Gord...How's the renovated lodge and new living quarters doing as a place to live this winter compared to last?

  3. Professor, the addition is still a construction zone for the most part. We are sleeping in our new bedroom but still tend to spend the bulk of our time in the main lodge. So that part is the same as last year. We blew in more insulation in the old attic space, so overall it is warmer.