Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Need new pictures for the VBL web site

I think it time for all of us to load Gord up with some new pictures for his VBL web site.

How about it Gord?
I think you get the idea I have hundreds of pictures


  1. Hey, I recognize the "secret spot" in the background!!!

  2. Hey! Perchmaster!
    Great looking photographs.
    Very inspiring during hte cold winter days of January!

  3. Where can I order a "hunting dickie" like the one Mark M. is modelling so well. (aren't you supposed to wear it under a shirt though?)

  4. You nevermind about the secret spot that is going to be renamed "Kurt/Mark's HONEY HOLE"

    I can get you one of those nice orange dickies if you need one Gord they work nice.
    I could have posted more pics but we need to save some for VBL site if Gord want them.
    I might have to burn them onto a CD and send the snail mail so he can view them and pick the ones he wants if he decides.

  5. Gord, Don't forget the "archive" pictures that you have. You could post these. Leave out the ones where we were holding the fish wrong. I know you'll put in the ones where you still had your jet black hair.

  6. Bill, I was actually thinking the same thing. Now to figure out where I put those!

  7. Gord,

    Perhaps you could post a map showing the newly declared Kurt/Mark's HONEY HOLE :-)? The pike background actually looks more like Clearwater? The walleye pic looks like it is off the point at Strawberry?


  8. Andy
    Don't worry about this honey hole that is owned by me and you can afford to fish that spot.
    No the pike picture is not from Clearwater that pike is from the bay near the honey hole.
    Like Gord mentioned in his Beaver newsletter to fish the magic hole you have to turn tight circles in very shallow water and yes it does have a dizzing effect on you. I know Gord has watched us fish this spot and I can see him shakin his head in disbelief.
    I might make you dizzy with my technique in springtime but it works in some spots very well...

  9. Perchmaster, From the pictures it looks like you have mastered more than the perch.

  10. Thanks NewMexicam But no have not mastered anything on Eagle Lake it changes all the time you just have to adjust to the changes that happen daily.
    That turning circles thing I kind of tweeked when fishing with Indian guides for walleye in summertime before heading for musky.
    I could probably learn more if I could spend more time with Gord.