Saturday, October 31, 2009

While Gord is sleeping the boys will play

While things have gone quite to the North, the fish are still biting in the bannana belt. The Professor, Wild Bill, and Andy ventured out on to the big pond at Milwaukee and found a few cooperative Rainbows. After fishing these trout with light tackle it has me thinking about fishing those Lakers at VBL in the spring!



  1. Hi All...It's not easy fishing with Andy because he usually catches the most and largest fish when we get on the water. This I've come to expect. But when I get outfished by Billyboy, I can only say the feeling of disappointment is overwhelming. Watching others catch fish is simply not much fun.

    Gord is "sleeping"? I heard he was still drying- out. Poor guy must have really gotten soaked on that so-called moose hunt.

  2. Nice rainbows guy's looks like some fun out on the big pond...

  3. Those are the "mutant "rainbows of Eagle Lake ! Wow! those are rare fish?
    This is the EAGLE LAKE FISHING BLOG, Right!

  4. I do believe he's wearing a VBL hat!

  5. VBL guests just love to fish and we have been known to catch a few "mutant" fish. Even our host Gord has been known to be attracted to mutants.
    For examples (You will have to cut and paste the URL) see Gord:

    Here is another example of the professor chasing those mutant rainbows:

  6. Did the Professor catch any sewer trout?