Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last trip up the creek for '09.......

It was the last chance to put the boat away on McGregor before conditions were too bad. Since I had the wrong key the last time I tried (seems that has happened before!) I needed to make a second trip. Susanne volunteered to come along.

I thought the snow melt on the lily pads was interesting.
The creek was fairly high at the beginning but went downhill quickly. One new beaver dam we had to pull over and the last 50 yards we had to pole through due to the low water.......but we made it!

Snow on the ground on the portage trail.......with leaves still on the bush and trees. What an unusual Fall.

Finally, the right key to unlock the motor! A couple rods to test the waters. I was anticipating a walleye dinner that night. Unfortunately I must not know the Fall pattern on these waters. Go to "Plan B".

O.K.........well at least the whitefish are in the same location as per usual on Clearwater. Unfortunately the lake trout wanted to bite as well, and since that season is closed we left them to their spawning or post-spawning rituals. We returned home slightly frozen to the core, but several warming cocktails and a dinner of fried whitefish put us to right.
All is well on the portage lakes......the boats are put to rest for the winter, the fish await the challenge of the anglers in 2010. The ritual continues...............


  1. Always sad when another season comes to an end.....
    2010 now awaits the anglers of VBL!!!!

  2. Sleep Well, Hoosier Highway...sleep well. See you in the Spring!

  3. I see by the photo's that Gord goes up a creek WITH a paddle.


  4. Well now that season has come to another end I think it is time for Gord to update a few topics.
    Such as Lodge upgrade update and the fish survey?
    How about it Gord, get off the couch ol'man....

  5. Perchmaster.....we sold our couch when we sold the house. I've taken up laying on the floor with the hounds.

    I just came back from my moose hunt with Susanne's brother. I will update the blog with some rivetting info once I dry out and catch up on things. Till then wash your hands and get the flu shot!

  6. Thanks Gord
    Got one flu shot through work and that is enough if I get H1N1 nice knowing ya.....

  7. Gord,

    The H1N1 shots have ended up in what Susanne would call a fiasco. They are essentially unavailable for the masses here in Wisconsin. Rumor has it that they are free in Canada and without lines. I think we should all make a road trip to Canada for shots and some chilly musky fishing. Gord, its time to put the boats back in the water.


  8. Let's go Andy pick me up on the way...
    I agree Wisconsin is one of the worse states with H1N1 and we don't have the meds.
    I know more people that have it than I though I would and we are on;y in the end of October.
    This should have been in full swing by the end of August...
    But what do I know I am only a blue colar worker.