Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Team "Ruka".......

I went out for a few hours with Tim, Bob & Bill Ruka. The "Hawg Trough" was a bust so we tried a few different spots. These fish came out of 25-30 feet of water......go figure! We released a number of walleye in the slot. Water temps are still in the low 50's. Heading up to Clearwater tomorrow hoping to have a lake trout shorelunch.


  1. Good luck over in Clearwater tomorrow! We found a great spot for a shore lunch over there...I'll send the map again and mark it....beautiful spot!

    Hope to see some pictures of Lakers!

  2. This is really looking tempting!
    How are the pike biting?

  3. The "Hawg Trough" was a bust
    Well so much for this walleye "HONEY HOLE"
    Looks like a BUST Gord?

  4. That looks like a nice Shore Lunch place as well. I'm assuming there were Lakers caught??

  5. Some lakers were caught but we had a few northerns for lunch as well. I personnally had a tough time catching fish that day. Not sure what was up but it wasn't the easy fishing I was expecting!

  6. I give you a hand full of the Hot-N-Tots known as the laker slayer and you don't put em to use!!!
    Gord Gord Gord what is one to do with you?

  7. Must I come back up to show you how to catch fish?
    Some day's they just don't play along as we all know way to well.