Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ruddy Turnstones on Gull Rock......

Here's an interesting bird sighting for this area. These shore birds are called Ruddy Turnstones and are usually sighted around Lake Ontario or Erie as they make their way to the high Arctic nesting areas. They winter in South America or Western Europe. Called "turnstones" because of their habit of flipping over small rocks with their beak in search of food. There have been a half dozen of them hanging out on the Gull Rock lately, probably waiting for the weather to improve on their journey north. I'm waiting to hear how rare a sighting this is.


  1. Gord,

    I have never seen a Ruddy, but looking at the Range map, it doesn't seem like this should be a rare occurance. See:
    Range map for Ruddy Turnstones

    How did the gulls react to having some company?


  2. I think it is rare for this area. Apparently it is more common to see them much further East on their migration north. The gulls had no problem with them......they also had a mallard pair, some cormorants and a few other birds hanging out on the rock.