Friday, June 5, 2009

Death by StyroFoam.....

Enough of the fishing stuff already!

This sad, crazy, disturbing (all of the above) photo shows a hummingbird stuck into the styrofoam on the lodge addition. How he (she) ended up impaling it's beak into the foam is a mystery, although hummingbirds often defend their territory and can be seen chasing each other around. Unfortunately they apparently lack a reverse gear.

There must be some motto to this tragic end.......any ideas?


  1. Very disturbing indeed. Almost as disturbing as finding that rotting buck corpse in a stream this spring. Gord, I think it is about time for you to start picking on something your own size. Those eagles praying on the helpless baby seagulls and a movie clip from "Almost Heroes" comes to mind. Why don't you be the Chris Farley hero of the seagulls. See:
    Gord rescues seagulls.

    In all seriousness, I think this was a fluke. Although I am reporting you to the Canadian Fish and Wildlife officials, and PETA (not "People eating tasting animals").


  2. In all seriousness I would say it was just flying to fast and maybe some wind caused it to crash into the foam.
    Never have seen that before it is strange but we have all had birds fly into us or into your windows so that would help with solving this mystery maybe!!!
    Nice toss in for a change of topic I might add!!!!

  3. Here's a motto...Straighten Up and Fly Right. A song title from the late, great Nat King Cole.

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  5. In all seriousness once again it brings me to my question maybe one of you might be able to answer.
    For the last 2 months I have had a sparrow pecking at my patio doos and windows and he will do it non stop.
    Why does he do this?
    He will sit on the patio furniture and fly into the window 3,4 maybe 5 times in a row then move to another window sit on top of the bush and do the samething.
    Now let's see who can answer this strange question.
    Maybe one of our bird experts can answer this one?
    Susanne maybe Mark R.?

  6. Perhaps you walked past the window with your "beak" hangin out?

  7. HAHAHA!!! You are such a funny guy.
    No I can be sittine at the computer or even waking in bed and hear him do it from upstairs.
    This is one wierd thing

  8. "Get thine self to a nunnery!"

  9. Perchmaster,

    The bird is seeing its reflection in the window and is being territorial. I once had a cardinal land on my car side mirror, reach down, and watch and peck its reflection all day long while parked. See:
    Bird Link

    As a young teenager, Gord was known to do something similar in front of his mirror.


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  11. As a young teenager, Gord was known to do something similar in front of his mirror.
    Susanne say's he still does, problem being is his beak is to short!!!
    Not sure if the seeing it's reflection in the window would work, and I say this for many reasons.
    He will do it very early when it is still on the dark side, he will do it even with the screens on the windows and he did it with the shades down, we also tried putting things on the windows down low and he still did it.
    I don't know it is very strange maybe stranger than Gord himself?

  12. Perchmaster....has anyone else seen this "bird"? Do you also hear voices?

    By the way, back in the day they used to refer to me as "Gus"........short for humongous!!

  13. Gus yea OK whatever!!!!
    Yes my wife and a couple of neighbors have watched it so NO it is not me losing it.