Monday, February 2, 2009

Wolf kill by Dog Island.......

Wolf kill by Dog Island....what a great name for a novel or movie. We had wind and snow Saturday night so when we ran across this spot by Dog Island the next day on our way to Clearwater Lake you knew it was only hours old. Well, it wasn't pretty but the wolves need to eat too. Wasn't much left except for a few feet, some hide and plenty of hair and wolf tracks. They were the only ones having luck getting their next meal....Susanne and I struck out on trying to catch some lake trout.


  1. That is cool Gord when you come along something like that. To bad that you and Susanne need some help catching fish.
    Maybe you should put a couple of us Wisconsin boys up for a couple of day's to show you how it's done?

  2. Frightening moment of violence.
    the horror... the horror,,,\\\...
    Good documentation photo.
    At this time of the year I go to the store and buy a completely frozen lake trout. That's as close as I get to ice fishing, for now..
    Charles in Toronto

  3. Hot blood on the snow! an inspiring sight.
    Pehaps, like the title to a folk song.
    Chuck in Toronto