Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lake trout fishing....

Susanne & I spent a few hours in Delano Lake today trying to catch some trout for dinner. Our success rate the past few trips has been "slim". While we didn't slay them today we at least pulled up a couple eaters. Both were caught on these jigging spoons (left...Williams Trophy...right...Williams Wobbler). We were fishing off an island in 35-40 feet of water. The forcast for the next few days is snow, rain and everything in between. Definately not ice fishing weather!


  1. Is Delano Lake the same as Corner Lake?

  2. Delano Lake is also known as Clearwater Lake. It is a lake trout lake just south of Eagle. Corner Lake (Langton Lake) is north of the highway and is a muskie, walleye lake.

  3. I like the look of those jigging spoons.
    I know a tree on shore that eats them.
    Great looking fresh laketrout
    Chuck in Toronto