Thursday, February 26, 2009

What are these? Win a mug!

O.K., here's another chance to win a classic VBL coffee mug. All you have to do is guess what these five common NW Ontario trees are. This might be challenging so you have until March 1st to come up with the right answers. To keep your answers secret email them to me at .......I will announce the winner (first one to get them right) in March. Frustrated? Angry? Post your comment and vent!


  1. These trees are all in the area of Vermilion Bay Lodge! None of them are palm trees?
    Perhaps some of them are near the shore and like to eat lures that are cast near their branches.
    Chuck in Toronto

  2. Good answer Chuck in Toronto
    They also could be ones that Gord might be taking down this spring?
    Hope the lodge don't go with them

  3. You guys are funny. Rather than wasting your time harassing me why not try and guess what trees these are. I'll give you a hint.....they're not palm trees....

  4. Greetings Gord: Only 131 Days till the second annual "Professors Gone Wild". Count me in. Also, you might as well start inscribing my can name on the winner's cup for this month's "What's This" award. I know i have the winning answer. Its too easy Gord. The answer is, They are ALL trees -- right? Am i the first one with the right answer?