Monday, February 14, 2011

Excellent Lake Trout Recipe........

A Sunday outing to catch lake trout produced a key ingredient for that night's dinner. Usually we catch most, if not all of our fish jigging with spoons. That day this fish preferred a live minnow on a Rattle Wheel.
Having one in the bag for dinner is critical, especially when your fishing partner seems to be fading! I also have a recipe in mind..........

The recipe came from outdoor writer Gord Pyzer and called for Chorizo pork sausage. I had never heard of it before and my first attempt I substituted Italian sausage. The result was mediocre. Then I stumbled into this Corizo sausage, courtesy of friend Jim K from Minneapolis.

Well, the trout is filleted and ready to doesn't get much fresher!

The Corizo is in the frying pan. I'm not sure what I was expecting but this is definitely a spicy ingredient.....definitely not just a normal sausage.

The fish is cut up into chunks....... and a can of diced tomatoes awaits its turn.

Add the tomatoes to the fried Corizo and let simmer.

Add the lake trout chunks and simmer further. One addition I made to the recipe was to add some frozen corn.

It didn't take long. Served over a bed of rice, a salad, and a glass (or two) of a chilled Gewurztraminer. It was excellent! Give it a try next time you happen on a lake trout. Better yet come up to VBL this spring and catch some fresh doesn't get any better.


  1. Teal River Brad...Although it pains me to say this, Gord is a man of many talents. And his spelling of this spicy, fruity wine is correct. He also is a fine cook, and, as you likely have observed, he knows his way around a wine bottle as well.

    Gord...Congratulations on sticking with this recipe and finding success. Two questions for you--Did the wine go well with this dish? Do you think that walleye or pike would substitute well for the trout?

  2. Professor, the dish was quite spicy so I thought a bit sweeter wine like the Gewurztraminer went very well with it. You could try using the other fish but since it has some intense flavours these blander fish might get lost. I might try salmon rather than those....but use what you have and see what happens.

    Brad.....we will have to have a night in the porch this June where you get to sample wine instead of your usual beer. Soon I will have you drinking shots of Redbreast Irish Whiskey!

  3. Hi guys. I think we need to give credit to where it is due! Doug Stange, Editor In Chief at In-Fisherman Magazine/Television showed me this recipe when we were filming an In-Fisherman Ice Guide television show recently in the area. We actually filmed everything from the catching of the lake trout, to the preparation of the recipe to the actual shorelunch, which as Gord B. has discovered is so simple and so good. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers. Gord Pyzer

  4. Nice try Gord. Man, some people will do anything in order to not be outfished!

  5. I think I will NO make that I know I will PASS on this meal.....

  6. Gord,

    If you have some chorizo sausage left over, try this when you have a hunger for a hamburger with a twist:
    - Cut up the chorizo (casing removed) & mix in with a high quality ground beef and form into patties. Serve on a buttered and toasted bun with some cream cheese and chopped green olives.

    I will give this fish recipe a try.

  7. Hi Gord Bastable / Gord Pyzer...Well, I was inspired to give "Finger Lickin' Good Lake Trout" a try for dinner tonight. I thought the Pyzer/Stange recipe was appropriate for an ice-lunch when you don't want to futz too much. However, in my kitchen I doctored-up the basic recipe a bit.

    I sauteed some sweet bell pepper, onion and garlic in olive oil, then added the chorizo. After this cooked, the tomatoes were added, then the fish (I used salmon). And I added crumbled Mexican Queso Fresco cheese on top.

    Afer about six minutes the fish was cooked and the cheese was lightly melted. I plated this up over rice and garnished with a healthy dose of fresh cilantro. The missus was impressed, as was I. Incidently, I uncorked a bottle of California Zinfadel to accompany this dish and was pleased with the choice. Overall, thumbs-up and I would make it again.

    Thanks for passing this meal idea along--it made for a fine supper.

  8. Glad to see you moved on this recipe Professor. Sounds good.

    Perchmaster......I know that your idea of spicy food is frying fish in straight flour. On a wild streak, you have been known to use pepper. I would agree, this recipe may be too much for your gut to handle.

    Andy, I have never seen this sausage before. Not sure if it is available locally. I may have to get a guest to smuggle some into the country!

  9. Gord B...I found several varieties of chorizo at my super market. I'll bet the Safeway in Dryden has it. Also, you might pass along a tip to Gord Pyzer--I discovered that eating this dish with a fork or spoon eliminates the need for finger lickin'.

  10. We eat the Chorizo burgers all the time. Goes good with a Flint Hill's Wheat. I'll bring some of the Chorizo up when are headed that way in July.