Friday, December 24, 2010

Vermilion Bay Lodge News Flash.....

Click on this link for some ground breaking VBL news!


  1. 68 pounder eh? Nice work, and I can tell it must be freezing cold now since you are now spending time making movies.

    The Hull family wishes you and all the VBL members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    May everyone's trip be safe and have a good time with Gord and the crew!

    Neil, Mina, Cooper, and Claire

  2. Here I thought we would be getting a FREE pass to VBL this year!!!!
    Funny Gord Funny!!!
    Hope everyone in th Bastable family has Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
    Merry Christmas also to all the VBL guests!!!

  3. Too funny. I hope you all had a great Christmas.

  4. Hi Gord...Congratulations on your fabulous catch. It's thrilling to know that I was a witness to this, but frankly, I don't recall it. I must have been on the sauce that day. Andy insists that we spent two weeks together at VBL last spring and I don't remember that either.

  5. The sauce and old age have taken its toll on the Professor. However, he makes an excellent fishing partner. Many times when we are trolling we agree to take turns on who takes the fish. The Professor will often say, "Is it my turn now?". To which I reply, "No, sadly its my turn. Remember that nice fish you just caught? It fought really well". Joe responds by saying, "Oh yea, I think that was a good fighter." And so goes the day with the same response until my arm gets sore. This strategy also works well when we take "turns" picking up the check. If his missus wasn't so wise, I would be coming back from our next fishing trip with his boat attached to my hitch.

  6. Hey Gord.

    Good one. Sarah going to feature the lodge on her new reality program?

  7. 68 pounds huh. I suspect too many beers in the fish house. Or not enough. I hope that you and Susanne had a good Christmas and a great new year. I look forward to seeing you both in the new year. By the way we are going to be neighbors for the spring summer and fall. Danna and I purchased 30 Bay street for a cottage and look forward to seeing you both.

  8. Garlic Ring man......that is big news! I'm glad VBL is doing its part to revitalize VBay. That is an exciting move for you and Danna. Hope you get to fish or will it be all renovations? Look forward to seeing you....neighbour!