Monday, July 12, 2010

Clearwater Lake walleyes......

Well, at long last I can finally say that I have caught a Clearwater Lake walleye! Caught this 24 incher while trolling a heavier version of a Mepps type spinner. What is interesting is the location where this fish was caught......let's just say I might be on to the whereabouts of these mysterious fish...........a cloudy day or some chop on the water would be one of the keys to targeting these walleyes.

This has to be one of the smallest trout I've caught on Clearwater L.

A couple of dandy pike also came out of the same area as the walleyes.

Henry's fish was pushing 40 inches.


  1. Very nice info and pics Gord.

    Are these bodies of water easily accessible? Are they hike or a drive and hike from the lodge? Reason I am asking is my old man might feel more adventurous this year than last.

    Glad to see the site back up. Good work. It is quite an evolution in the fact that we must now discern real mail from bad. Surely we are using much more of brain than our ancestors did.

    2 more work days and I am out of here! Hating the day, and my mind is away!

    Stay safe and fish long.
    Keep the drink refreshing at least until I get there!


  2. Nice fish Gord. I presume you and Henry had a couple of those great Polish beers to celebrate later in the evening.....

  3. Very nice fish Gord and you have to admit that is good to see small trout like that now that would tells us reproduction is going good on these waters.
    Site down while I am gone a few days nailing smallies.perch,walleye and gills.
    Gord I am not sure but Mark has now become the master of catching Redhorse suckers while smallmouth fishing.
    Fishing was good and the weather was good.

  4. Neil.......if you want to give it a try I'm up for it as well. We can probably get up the creek in a smaller boat.

  5. Hi Gord...Good for you in locating nice walleye on Clearwater. Exceptional pike as well. Keep up the good work. Perhaps you can identify similar locations elsewhere in the lake that hold these mysterious fish.

  6. Now Joe you know Gord is not going to give out all his secrets?
    That just would not be Gord...
    You have to admit though maybe finding walleye in clearwater would be a big bonus for VBL guest to go along with those monster pike in clearwater.

  7. Hi Kurt...I've been searching for Clearwater walleyes for several years without any success. I know that they are present. The rumors from reliable sources say monstorious walleyes live in this lake--fish in the 14 pound class. That would be close to 34 inches. Gord is the only person that I know who has caught a walleye in Clearwater. That is encouraging.

    I believe that he will talk with rhe right inducements. This is something I must contemplate--what must I do to get him to talk?
    One thing for sure is that does no good to irritate him. He's so sensitive to the slightest criticism.

    I know that you enjoy making fun of him--who doesn't? But this may be counterproductive. I've heard Gord dropping F-Bombs concerning a guy named Kurt/Curt who is a VBL guest. My suggestion is to ease up riding his ass for a while to see if it gets you better intel. I realize that this would be a sacrifice, but it may be worth it.

  8. What, me sensitive!?

    I believe in putting in your time (fishing that is). People who pay their dues will be rewarded with any info I may discover about the Clearwater walleyes. I will be going in there on Tuesday.......hopefully I will have something of interest to report.

  9. believe that he will talk with rhe right inducements. This is something I must contemplate--what must I do to get him to talk?
    Professor you feed him food and good beer to wash it down
    Gord know I give him SHIT but it is all in fun.
    I feel for him when we left so I went to the beer store and picked him up a case of new beer that was suppose to be like Moosehead, needless to say we were led in the wrong direction but I'm sure Gord enjoyed the FREE beer.

    What, me sensitive!?
    No not Gord Bastable no way....

    I will be going in there on Tuesday
    So what is the word?