Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Suckers & other signs of Spring.......

The suckers have been in the creek for the past week, but they seem to really be turning on the steam now. Low water presents a bit of a challenge but they are capable of getting over most obstacles. The small set of "rapids" by the culvert looks like a salmon spawning run, with backs out of the water and plenty of splashing.
You might have to click on this picture to be able to see the suckers. There are at least a dozen laying in the shallows.

And yes, the leaves are popping and things are greening up. We are probably 2 to 3 weeks ahead of last year. Water temps are in the upper 40 degree range.......


  1. I can just see those hungry musky and pike waiting in the Bay? Great Pictures!

  2. The trees are in bud, the suckers are swimming in large crowds up the creek!
    Looks like the start of another great season on Eagle Lake.

  3. Just hope I can get up those other creeks without recking a motor or 2!!!!!!
    Nice pics Gord looks like spring has sprung on you early now let's hope for some rain and let's catch some fish

  4. We had to move our pier 4 feet out on the river, I hope the water level rise a little bit.

  5. I'm thinking we need a Gord update on how things are looking around camp as he ready's for the guest?
    Some nice pics of water levels would be nice also.
    Come on Gord we know you can do it....