Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ice out drags on.....

Strong south-west winds have pushed what ice remains over to Strawberry & McColls Island.
Today, the ice is still moving around on the eastern side of Vermilion Bay. This picture does not do a good job of picking up the ice, but the band of black near the far shore is in fact ice. Between Round Island and Canoe Narrows is still looking pretty solid. A change in wind direction would probably finish it off. My criteria for "ice out" is when I can't see we're not there yet! I wonder how the trout fishing would be right now.....pretty good I bet!!!


  1. It's just great to see that much water again. I think there's more water in your pictures than we have in the whole state of New Mexico. Hope you'll be on the water soon......Bill

  2. Perchmaster,

    I think Gord is throwing trays of ice into Eagle Lake?


  3. Yea Andy I think I got robbed now....
    This contest is rigged!!!!!!!!!! HAHA!!!

  4. Hi Gord...Shorelines and lake trout go well together this time of year.