Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Ice Melt Continues.....

It's not looking good for an April 30th ice out. I perused the predictions that everyone sent in.....thank you by the way for the very thorough use of every possible date imaginable. Will I have enough hoodies if May 8th wins? A very popular date. Well, in the spirit of joining in on the fun here is my guess. Let me first say that I am picking this date because nobody else did. Also, if I win I will decline the prize. I will, however, lord over all the rest of the "losers"....in a gracious sort of way, of course.! I almost forgot....my guess is May 12th.

1 comment:

  1. May 12th? I am kind of surprised that you picked such a late date for ice out Gord since the ice is moving away a little and the forecast is warmer temps your way.
    I think I would rethink my guess if I could and say May 4th would be a good guess.
    Keep the pics coming at least it will make us feel as though we are there sitting and sipping on Canadian beer.
    By the way 24 day's and who counting!!!!