Friday, April 3, 2009

Canadian Deer Hunting: Caution P.G. Rating

...Moderators Comment....The following post does not represent the views or, indeed, the eco-friendly outlook we here at VBL tend to value. It has been left as an indication of the long winter and it's affect on certain VBL guests. Let's hope for warmer weather so that Andy Lewis can get back to normality....and fishing...... By the way, the only connection to VBL is the fantastic shirt that Andy is "sporting"....only available here at the lodge!...

Most VBL guests don't get to experience the long Canadian winters or appreciate the adaptations that have to be made in these harsh conditions. Deer hunting for example. I know this may sound hard to believe, but the snow gets so deep that you have to shoot them in the fall and go back to harvest them in the spring and hope that the wolves haven't devoured them (see earlier post on this topic). So, while Gord was tanning himself in Mexico, we figured it was time to go back and harvest that monster shot in the fall. Go no further if you couldn't handle the photo posted by Gord with the treble hook buried in the hand. Look away now, this isn't for the faint of heart!

Hmmm, what's this (no this isn't this month's contest)??

Let's get a rope on him!

What's that smell??

This should make a fine addition to John's bare cabin wall (notice the VBL jacket).
Hand me Ed Gein's Axe

Now there's some tender canadian viddles

Now don't say you weren't warned. Cabin fever can be an awful thing.


  1. That could only happen in Wisconsin.

  2. Eco Friendly? This looks like a stream improvement project to me.

  3. Hello Electric Beaver,
    I have seen dead white tail deer and moose near the Vermilion Bay Lodge.
    This is a scene that I have seen in Ontario.
    Chuck in Toronto