Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Gift Suggestions for Gord....

I think it's time for a new post. This is your opportunity to suggest Christmas presents for Gord. Perhaps a hook sharpener to avoid the loss of a once in a lifetime musky? Perhaps padlocks for the minnow buckets to ward off those pesky muscrats? Use your imagination. I'm going to suggest the following three:

A radio controlled Beaver. This could be used to buzz the competitor's boats that get a bit too close.

I suggested the following to Gord and he thought it would be better if Chuck could paint it to look like a musky. It's a large radio controlled shark. Imagine the fun that Gord could have with this after a few barley pops.

Here's my pet peeve. Gord needs some rod holder in his boats. I've searched the web and this is the best rod holder I could find.

Let me wish all of the VBL guests a Happy Hollidays!


  1. Thanks Andy, I would be happy with any one of those! Might be hard to explain the "rod holder" under the tree on Christmas morning though!

  2. FANTASTIC selection of gift ideas!
    I would suggest an artist painting of the Future
    V BAY Lodge.
    All the guests could Ooh! and Aah! at what progress will include. A sauna at every cabin?

  3. Hey how is that lodge upgrade coming along anyways?
    We like pictures Gord?

  4. Gord would be hard to shop for. Think about it. He's got it made. Look at where he gets to live and who he gets to live with. The only things he might need to achieve perfection is a bottle each of Bombay gin and Captain Morgan Tatoo. What a life the man leads.


  5. Bill Yes he does have it made what one would do to be able to fish with some many different friends during the year.
    Poor Susanne though she has to live with Gord.
    Those chaps and headband minus any clothes under is a scary looking idea.

  6. Gord...Just remember--some things can't be 'splained.

  7. I'm getting a little concerned. That image of Gord in Moose camp seems to be etched in the Perchmaster's brain? The removal of the picture from the Electric Beaver should have helped, but the condition seems to have gotten worse. Maybe absence does makes the heart grow fonder. Gord, perhaps you could send him an autographed 8 x 10 for Christmas?

  8. Andy
    After watching that moose hunt video I will be scared for life we all will be.
    Don't give Gord any ideas he don't need them...