Saturday, November 14, 2009

Minnow Sales Climb in 2009.......

I've often made the claim to guests who, in the morning, are surprised to find their minnow buckets empty of minnows, that the mink or otter has stolen their bait. Nobody has actually called me a liar, or sounded the B.S. Alert, but judging by the sceptical looks that I often receive there are some doubts out there.
Well, this summer we had a family of otters (3) that hung around the creek and often made early morning forays to the easy pickings to be found hanging off the docks. They were so brazen that I was able to snap these pictures while standing on the dock. So you can now be assured that there is a reason for the locking mechanism on those minnow buckets, and that the lodge owner is not conspiring to boost minnow sales.


  1. Extreme zoom on the second picture will show that "your friend" is wearing a VBL T-shirt. No conspiracy?............RIGHT!!


  2. Wow! those are interesting critters.
    I think they were chewing on the props of some of the outboards too?
    Here in the big city of Toronto racoons are found in the light of day with blow torches opening locks on garbage cans!

  3. I think it's real nice that Gord has some new friends, even if they are thieves. My father frequently reminded me that having a few good lowlifes for friends would yield enexpected rewards.

  4. Thieves! That's rather harsh.

    Your father was wise. I too have made it my life's mission to befriend the downtrodden misfits of society. That's why folk from Wisconsin have a "special" place in my heart! Must be all the cheese......

  5. That's why folk from Wisconsin have a "special" place in my heart! Must be all the cheese......
    Guess we are not special enough I am one of the victims in this conspiracy to make profit from us poor folk....I always thought to myself wow I thought we had 2 maybe 3 dozen minnows in the bucket when we came in last night so I thought it was Gord but I was wrong it was a furry little friend that Gord hired to work for him...
    NewMexicam I zoomed in on that furry little friend of Gord and I think your right he does have one of those brownish colored V-Bay T-shirts on......
    I will looking for the 22!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Was the constable otter checking the slot size of the minnows and the daily bag minnow limit or was he just thinking of his next shore lunch